We thoroughly investigate your company and competitors to develop a logo that truly embodies the brand.


2 people will work on the initial round of logo concepts so you will see a variation in styles and thought processes.

3-4 logo designs will be presented for initial consideration.

Optional Extras

Brand Photography

Bring your products and services to life with a custom stylized photo shoot.

Identity Design

Complete your branded look with business cards, letterhead and updated marketing materials.

Digital Marketing

Show off your brand online with social media and digital advertising help.

Our Process

Phase 1: Learn! Learn everything!
  • We will ask you a lot of questions about who your company is, who your target market is, who your competitors are, the things you like, the things you don’t like – you get the gist. We do a lot of poking around online and elsewhere to see who all is out there and what they have done. The best way to beat the competition is to learn from them.
Phase 2: Define goals
  • Now that we know the company and the playing field, we can decide where exactly to position the brand and define goals. Where do we want the brand to sit relative to the rest of the market? How do we own that space? What is the ultimate goal for the brand?
Phase 3: Play around
  • We take brand values, target market and goals into consideration and start working on initial logo concepts. We will present 3-5 logo concepts, aiming to achieve similar goals from different stylistic and conceptual standpoints. Two people will work on the initial round of logo concepts so you can expect to see a variation in styles and thought processes.
Phase 4: Refine
  • Depending on initial feedback, we work with the logo(s) to reach a finalized product. All files will be delivered once the final design is approved.

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